Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic

379 Ushers Rd
Ballston Lake, NY 12019




"Great. Friendly and informative "

- Stefanie Thomas

07/25/2019 18:43:50


"I was pleased with all staff I met with as well as follow up phone call next day."

- Barbara Perriman

07/20/2019 15:53:01 


"After only the first visit, it's hard to properly evaluate. Initial impression was you are professional and caring, while conducting a thorough exam. Very pleased with our overall conversation and Q&A session regarding our new puppy. Also very pleased with the follow-up attention, especially the unexpected calls (twice) to inquire about a separate and subsequent visit to a pet emergency clinic to address a UTI. I feel CP Vet Hospital is genuine and caring about the welfare of our puppy. I look forward to our growing relationship. Thank you."

- Bryan Buck

07/19/2019 14:28:48 


"It was great bringing Charlie to your office. You made me feel very comfortable from the start. Charlie is doing a lot better since you saw her."

- Deana Semenza

07/15/2019 06:28:50 


"The staff is so friendly and helpful and is wonderful with my pet. "

- Angela Bush

07/12/2019 15:59:59


"Wonderful staff. So loving and compassionate. Appreciate that appts move quickly "

- Gina Cosgrove

07/05/2019 17:31:08


"It was an excellent nail trimming experience. "

- Christina Dombkiewicz

06/27/2019 03:33:44 


"Everyone was friendly and efficient ...and reasonably priced "

- Tina Pearl

06/27/2019 03:06:41 


"Everyone treats all of our animals like their own. Great, compassionate care."

- Michael Frodey

06/25/2019 19:13:10 


"I was very pleased with the care Hannah got and was really glad that you were open on a Saturday morning."

- Betty Barbuto

06/24/2019 20:11:25


"I am so happy with the care you give my dog and the way you interact with me. Tashi is happy coming here and I never have to wait, nteven when I am leaving off a specimen."

- Thomas Swick

06/22/2019 04:18:37


"You are all great and caring people. "

- Tyler Cretti

06/21/2019 14:47:05


"You guys are excellent and provide the best service and care I've experienced"

- Dan Carney

06/20/2019 20:31:39


"We love Dr. Cooper and the staff at the clinic. Addie, Lexi, Chelsea, Tallulah and Ollie say 2 paws up!"

- Michelle Kellen

06/18/2019 22:19:54 


"All went great and you fit us in with short notice!"

- Mary Baumes

06/16/2019 23:09:26 


"Very comfortable visit - am always concerned about Mia's care and it was great! Very gentle, concerning care!"

- Ellen Uhl

06/12/2019 15:19:38 


"Our cat Nicky, suddenly became very ill over night. We called your clinic early the next morning and asked if he could be seen in an emergency situation. You got Nicky, in immediately. We want to Thank all of you and especially Dr Cooper, for your kindness, affection,warmth and gentleness in Nicky's time of need. The Golden Family"

- Connie Golden

06/06/2019 02:35:00 


"What another wonderful experience. Friendly, quick and willing to go above and beyond."

- Karen Hallenbeck

06/05/2019 18:15:23 


"Staff is very friendly. My dog is overly excited and they handle her well. It's always embarrassing to walk in and not being able to calm her down immediately, so it's nice that they treat her well even when she's over the top."

- Shijo George

06/02/2019 11:20:53



- Laura Wager

06/01/2019 22:12:45


"We always have a good experience at Clifton Park Veterinary Hospital. Our kitties are always nervous going to the Vets but the Staff and Dr. Cooper have a wonderful way of calming them down, Last but not least they get fantastic medical care."

- Pamela Colligan

05/25/2019 23:25:57


"I called on Monday morning an got an appointment for 11.30 that day, shortly after I received a call that there had been a cancellation , and I could bring my dog in immediately, I am thankful to the staff and to Dr. Cooper for always keeping my dogs healthy. Thank you again ladies!"

- Winnie Martin

05/23/2019 02:40:10


"You guys always do a great job, I come in with my 8 month old daughter and your staff always watches her while I go in with my very anxious dog. Great costumer service and family atmosphere."

- Angela Johnson

05/21/2019 16:27:42


"Everyone is very professional and caring. I know Callie is getting the best care. She is very feisty at the vet, and they are very understanding."

- Terry Joslin

05/20/2019 23:33:04


"Our dogs love going to the vet."

- Randy McDougall

05/15/2019 12:00:41


"My appointment was on time and the exam was done thoroughly and quickly. Time was taken to answer all my questions and discuss any treatment options. I would recommend using Clifton Park Veterinary Hospital."

- Craig Swayne

04/22/2019 18:43:11


"We love Dr. Cooper and all of the vet techs! They take good care of our sweet Max and are always gentle with him. They present all options and give us the information we need to make an informed decision about Max’s care. "

- Kara Chu

04/18/2019 20:13:56


"Everyone here is very nice, helpful and professional."

- Christina Dombkiewicz

04/16/2019 01:34:59


"I love the fact the staff take the time to know my dogs. "

- Maria Lisi-Murray

04/12/2019 20:54:31


"Loved the helpful binder Dr Jill is wonderful and so are her staff answered all my questions and took plenty of time with me"

- Suzanne Moore

04/11/2019 18:32:14


"Everyone gave Daisy excellent care"

- Michael Cournoyer

04/05/2019 23:55:33 


"I love coming to your practice. You are friendly, knowledgeable and family oriented. I have no feedback for improvement, just praise for awesome service!"

- Judy Selig

04/05/2019 01:10:39 


"You provide excellent care for senior animals. I appreciate follow up phone call after shots and personal call with test results from Dr. Cooper. I like that visit notes, bill and rabies paperwork was sent via email. "

- Mark Ladd

03/29/2019 19:21:26 


"Excellent Vet office! Easy access to appointments- usually I'm able to get in on the same day! The techs are quick & efficient! Thank You"

- Sharon Sierra

03/29/2019 19:20:00


"Kitties don't like to go to the Vets but Dr. Cooper and the entire staff treat them like their own. Everyone is very professinal and friendly. I totally trust the care they receive there."

- Pamela Colligan

03/22/2019 23:19:24


"Hairry enjoyed the cheese treat, he never even knew he got two shots. He never had such a tasty treat."

- Winnie Martin

03/21/2019 23:12:28


"Everyone is so caring and always make me and my fur babies feel comfortable. The follow up calls are a nice touch, too. "

- Amiee Roy

03/17/2019 13:44:21


"You got me a quick appointment, my wait was short to get seen by the doctor, and the medication you gave me seems to be doing the trick."

- Geoffrey Williams

03/08/2019 17:26:00


"We are quite satisfied with the professional and personal approach to Benson's veterinary care."

- Ray Stees

03/02/2019 22:28:51


"I love the time and attention given to us every time we are there. It always seems like we are the most important patients. "

- Meghan Usmani

03/02/2019 17:47:00


"We love the staff at the office. Make Bailey feel comfortable even though she is a nervous nilly! Never a wait which is great given our busy schedules."

- Gina Cosgrove

03/01/2019 02:33:30


"Very nice kind and professional I know Maggie is getting the best care"

- Tom Norris

02/26/2019 19:43:10


"Excellent job and very thorough. Yuuki loves the vet now."

- William Digges

02/26/2019 18:44:27


"Couldn't say anymore good things about the service at your vets office . I always feel like Patton is in great hands and all the staff is kind, sweet and caring. I appreciate everything you do for my Patton ! "

- Jennifer Schumacher

02/23/2019 19:26:30


"You take care of Artie like he’s your own and treat him like the special little king he is. "

- Ashley Hallenbeck

02/23/2019 00:17:22


"Experience was good. Jody helped me and clipped my dog, Heidi 's nails. Jody is very friendly and a kind person."

- Edward Hinrichs

02/18/2019 15:59:29


"Everyone at you place is friendly and professional, and you leave me feeling confident that my dog is in good hands."

- Shelda Roerig

02/18/2019 15:50:07


"The visit was excellent. I was very worried about my cat and Dr. Cooper took such good care of her. I am grateful to have her for a vet!"

- Laura Campbell

02/08/2019 19:22:59


"You are all awesome even in the tough times "

- Michael Curtis

02/08/2019 01:45:02


"Our first visit was excellent. The entire staff was pleasant and cared about Oz's needs. "

- Brian Nickerson

01/31/2019 20:00:23


"No complaints. Always great service. "

- Phil Fortin

01/28/2019 16:02:44


"The office has a very helpful team. I really appreciate getting the appointment on short notice. Thank you."

- Olivia Gagliardi

01/27/2019 07:51:32


"Tiffany and Goldie love their monthly appointment for their pedicure - nail trims. They feel welcomed and loved. Always a positive experience for them."

- Marlys McGinnis

01/25/2019 02:38:12


"The experience was good. Roxie was seen on time so I didn’t have to wait. The exam room was clean and the vet was very good with Roxie"

- Karen Rivers

01/24/2019 23:39:48


"Very friendly staff, loved the cats roaming around! "

- Tina Pearl

01/22/2019 13:43:07


"Dr Cooper is so good! And I love the fact that she is involved with local animal rescue. "

- Lisa Brown

01/21/2019 19:39:38


"Really can't complain about any of the services Bodie has received, every time I have called to get him in I never have to wait. Bodie is strictly an indoor cat so anytime he has to leave our home he gets really stressed out so were really happy that your office is so close to our home. "

- Donna Bond

01/16/2019 18:07:22


"Country Knolls/Clifton Park veterinary clinic has been our go to for 18 years now. It's close, convenient, and always has an answer for our needs. They are extended family !! "

- Martha Hulshoff

01/16/2019 01:30:54


"We appreciate your compassion and cost sensitive approach with out compromising the care of our pet."

- Stephen Opela

01/06/2019 19:23:18


"Very helpful and patient!"

- Ashley Harstock

01/03/2019 19:24:56


"Mylo loves coming in for his checkups! He doesn’t know what vet means yet but when we get out of the truck and he sees the building he gets full of excitement. And I think that reflects on how well the vets not only take care of him but make him feel safe and secure"

- Samantha Dow

12/28/2018 22:27:21


"The place is clean and most of all Dr. Cooper is knowledgeable and the she and her supporting staff seem to care."

- Anna Schleifstein

12/27/2018 22:39:53


"We appreciate the tender medical care you offer our dog."

- Ray Stees

12/25/2018 03:04:27


"Kind and caring vet clinic!"

- Gundula Gutjahr

12/17/2018 22:59:34


"We always know that Kelly and her team will take excellent care of our pets. They truly love animals and want to make sure they are healthy and happy. This last visit Kelly showed just how observant she is when it comes to our pets and pointed out a drinking habit and recommended tests. Good job."

- Renee Butcher

12/05/2018 20:05:56


"Awesome. I feel my pets are very well taken care of. "

- Justin Coville

12/05/2018 19:55:50


"Appointment was right on time. Very kind and knowledgeable staff. "

- Cheryl Smith

12/03/2018 23:54:05


"Competence with surgical matters and procedures. Easy to talk to Friendly and concerned staff Clean and tidy offic "

- Thomas Swick

11/30/2018 06:49:54


"Super caring staff. Scheduled surgery for my kitty quickly and took great care of him while he was there. Follow up call the next day to check on him was really appreciated. "

- Amiee Roy

11/30/2018 01:15:03


"Everything was great. Toby is always very anxious when he goes to the Vets. Dr. Cooper and the staff always manage to make him feel comfortable which is so important and give him great care. Thank you."

- Pamela Colligan

11/30/2018 00:05:25


"I love how friendly and caring the whole staff is. I have nothing negative to say. Every time I have brought my dog here we always get the best service. Thank you "

- Jennifer Kessler

11/27/2018 00:57:49


"You are doing great! The staff is always very friendly, very good with Tessa, and always answers all my questions and concerns. Very pleased!"

- Carolyn Allen

11/26/2018 19:34:08


"Friendly. Get appointments fast and the appointment is on time. "

- Dana Birk

11/26/2018 19:31:17


"Thank you for all you do!"

- Sharon Sierra

11/16/2018 17:18:59


"We so appreciate the in home care provided. Thank you!!"

- Courtenay Huff

11/02/2018 22:14:09


"Everything was very good from the time we walked in to the time we left. Everyone we met was patient with us and answered our many questions. They even escorted us into a room to avoid the dogs my children and kitty were afraid of. I loved receiving the notebook of tips for caring for our new kitty."

- Kristie Di Cocco

10/24/2018 19:32:35


"Excellent. Tiffany and Goldie look forward to their appointments."

- Marlys McGinnis

10/18/2018 20:44:16


"Excellent very caring and compassionate "

- Kristin Gilman

10/18/2018 12:22:49


"Gus didn’t even know the tech gave him his 2 shots. The call from the office the next day to inquire about him was appreciated, and he was fine. Thanks for taking such good care of my boys."

- Winnie Martin

10/15/2018 21:58:18


"Great staff. There is a family feel and doctors and pet nurses make you feel like you are part of a family. Doctor Cooper has been the best vet, she cares takes time and always makes you feel her intentions are for the best care for my family. Vet nurses are friendly and take time to make sure you feel safe and keeps the family feel during the visit "

- Jason Joyal

10/11/2018 23:56:41


"You all were great, especially training tips and your attention to Blu!! Thanks"

- Theo Scott

10/09/2018 22:45:26


"It was great to be greeted by name (both the family and our dog Nugget) by Tina when we arrived. It's that kind of welcoming and friendly experience that makes our visits enjoyable."

- Matthew Andrus

10/09/2018 13:26:21


"Always happy with the care provided"

- Paula Szwarcberg

09/30/2018 12:08:37


"No complaints! I especially appreciate the various forms of communication, mail, email & social media, keeping me posted. I need constant reminders! Also, having ‘Vetsource ‘ is incredibly helpful."

- Amy Standaert

09/26/2018 20:46:24


"You are doing fine Our family really appreciates that Dr Cooper and the entire staff treat our cats, Kellie and Callie, like their are part of THEIR families We also really appreciate that you call us to follow up. "

- Ken Ebert

09/26/2018 01:44:43


"I was able to get my dog in fairly quickly. I liked that the vet tries the least invasive methods to help. Veterinary staff are all so nice and good with my dogs."

- Cheryl Smith

09/17/2018 15:36:55


"Jody (hopefully I am spelling her name right) was very good with Kiwi. When I bring Kiwi and Swan in for their appointments I never feel like you are trying to just get us done and out the door. The fact that you call the day after an appointment to check on how they are doing speaks volumes."

- Michael Spatuzzi

09/14/2018 22:28:58


"Great staff, easy to get appointments, short waiting times."

- Chris Gravelle

09/09/2018 13:19:07


"We love you guys and Dash especially loves when he sees Jodie. You guys are able to cut his nails which is amazing because he wont let us touch his feet at all."

- Erin Bandaru

09/09/2018 12:32:53


"I was very pleased. Dr. Zager took her time and made sure she answered all my concerns."

- Laura Wager

09/07/2018 23:57:14


"You guys have always been tops in my book! I'm especially impressed with your constant changes in treatments!! You always seem to be on the cutting edge of technology!!"

- Martha Hulshoff

09/07/2018 16:56:48


"As usual our appointment was right on time. Very caring staff. Prices very fair for the services provided. "

- Cheryl Smith

03/02/2018 00:49:37


"Care is excellent, and staff is of the highest calber, caring and compassionate "

- Brenda Mackesey

02/20/2018 01:54:32


"Thank you for hearing our concerns and offering up solutions . Lucy has some anxiety when other dogs come in the house and you provided a couple of options . It was good to get into a real conversation about serving sizes of Lucy's food and what is appropriate for her weight . That information was different from what the bag of food said so we will try it and watch her weight . Thank you for discussing teeth cleanings , at home and professionally . On a lighter note , My husband enjoyed the Reese's and coffee in the waiting room but he jokingly said he needed caffeinated not decaf .Lol . I've been coming to your office since 1988 even though there are veterinarians closer to home . The staff is always nice and compassionate and obviously love animals . There is always parking and hardly ever a wait to see the doctor . When my pets have passed away there was always a sympathy card in my mailbox a few days later . They are all animal lovers there . The best kind of people ! "

- Katie Strothenke

02/02/2018 13:32:44


"Great! Duke loves the clinic. Thank you."

- Damara Fredette

01/02/2018 21:00:35


"We love taking our dog here! The staff are all extremely friendly and helpful"

- Aundrea Rogers

01/02/2018 17:08:43


"The staff is always friendly no matter how busy they are which makes it a pleasure to stop in. Every one who has handled Lilly is gentle and firm; she might not always like what has to be done but she is always treated with kindness and that means the world to me. I am always allowed to participate or observe when she is having something done which speaks volumes for your confidence in your staff. "

- Carol Coyle

12/28/2017 00:41:20


"Dr Cooper is really solid; staff always competent & pleasant. "

- James Schlembach

12/21/2017 19:45:00


"While we no longer have Lucy, I am switching my kitty over to this vet after Christmas . Not only is it closer but the people at Clifton Park vet are amazing!! Thank you!!"

- Christy Staats

12/19/2017 18:11:10


"Couldn't be happier with the the way my cats were treated. Dr. Cooper & staff were very helpful. Great place!!!"

- Georgiana McDermott

12/14/2017 05:26:35