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It may be mildly amusing when a 100# Rottweiler tries to get under the bed during thunderstorms, but this is a sign of severe storm anxiety/phobia. Anxiety is quite common in dogs ( and some cats). They can include problems with house training, fear of fireworks, separation anxiety, and dog-dog or dog-human aggression. These anxieties are serious health problems that damage a pets’ quality of life and require treatment. In some cases, they can lead to euthanasia. Greatest success in treating these issues is most likely to occur with early intervention. Here at Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic, we take particular attention towards asking about and looking for signs indicating the need for early intervention to prevent anxiety and other problems. These interventions may run from basic training and positive reinforcement, natural anti-anxiety collars and/or supplements, up to and including anti-anxiety medications. Many treatments are not forever, and are meant to be part of a treatment plan. Please feel free to contact us to ask about behavior counseling if you suspect any problems.