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Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans


Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans in Ballston Lake


At Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic in Ballston Lake, we know how important your new pets are to you. This is why we offer a special and affordable puppy and kitten pet wellness plan that will provide your favorite new companions with preventative care. This plan is designed to give your puppy or kitten the foundation for good health while growing.


Puppy and Kitten Wellness with your Ballston Lake Veterinarian

Puppies and kittens are born with a natural immunity that protects them from most serious illnesses until they are about six weeks old. After that, your pets depend on you to help them thrive and stay healthy until their immune system is fully developed. This preventative care plan from your Ballston Lake veterinarian provides all the services your puppies and kittens need throughout their first year. We feel that preventive, routine care is the key to a longer and healthier life, and we strive to offer affordable solutions for every pet owner.

Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic is your Ballston Lake veterinarian throughout every stage of your puppy or kitten’s life. Each pet wellness plan provides services for a full year and can always be upgraded as the need arises.


How the Puppy and Kitten Pet Wellness Plan Works

The puppy and kitten pet wellness plan offered by Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic includes all the necessary examinations, vaccines, lab work, and other tests necessary to keep your pet healthy during the first year of life. You can enroll your puppy or kitten any time after they are eight weeks old, and we strongly recommend that you enroll your pets before they are five months old.

Upon enrolling, an initial membership fee of $49.95 is required for your puppy or kitten. Each additional pet will receive a $15 discount. Following the initial payment, the membership costs just $49.95 each month and covers all of your pet’s routine medical needs. For additional treatments that aren’t covered in the wellness plan, you’ll receive a 10% discount for being a member. This affordable option will make it easy to give your puppy or kitten the very best start in life.


What’s Included in the Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plan

The health of your pets is our number one priority, which is why our preventive care plans cover all routine health care procedures, making it the most comprehensive and affordable choice for you and your pets. Here’s what’s included for your puppy or kitten:

  • Initial examination
  • Unlimited $30 examination co-pay
  • Unlimited technician appointments
  • Unlimited routine nail trimming
  • Full vaccine series based on age, breed, and risk
  • FeLV/FIV/HW test for kittens
  • Up to two intestinal parasite screenings
  • Basic deworming treatment
  • Up to two doses of Heartworm Preventative Medication
  • Microchip placement and registration
  • 4DX Blood Parasite Screens for dogs
  • 10% discount on Veterinary services not included in the plan

Our veterinarian provides comprehensive support for your pets including all lab test, exams, and vaccines based on the age, breed, and type of pet you have. Additionally, if your pet needs additional services such as, more extensive blood work, or radiographs, you can apply the 10% discount available only to preventative care plan members. Other services such as, the spay or neuter surgery may be added to a current wellness plan for an additional monthly amount.

This is an affordable choice that takes the guesswork out of preventive veterinary care. Give your puppy or kitten the best start in life with a puppy and kitten wellness plan with your Ballston Lake veterinarian.

Call our office for more information on our pet wellness plans.


Our Ballston Lake Veterinarian Answers Your Puppy and Kitten Wellness Questions

Puppies and kittens can be quite a handful, not only in their behavior but also in terms of health and wellness. Here are some questions about puppy and kitten wellness as answered by our Ballston Lake veterinarian at Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic.


Why do puppies and kittens require vaccinations in Ballston Lake?

Puppies and kittens aren’t born with their own disease immunity, and the protection they receive from their mother disappears after several weeks. Vaccinations stimulate their bodies to produce antibodies of their own– at least until the vaccine loses its power, which is why our Ballston Lake veterinarian provides booster shots as needed.


Which vaccinations should every puppy or kitten receive?

Puppies should receive vaccinations against canine hepatitis, rabies, parvovirus and distemper. Kittens need to be vaccinated against rabies, HFV1, panleukopenia and feline calicivirus. Several rounds of these vaccinations are administered during your pet’s first year of life. Certain puppies and kittens may also benefit from non-essential vaccinations against “kennel cough” or other environment-based threats.


Why do puppies and kitten require parasite testing and deworming?

Parasites such as roundworms, hookworms can cause serious or even life-threatening physical ailments; heartworm, an infestation of the heart and lungs that can lead to cardio-respiratory failure, is especially worrying. Testing the stool for parasites, deworming an infested animal and putting your pet on preventative medication are all great ways to ensure a healthy start for your puppy or kitten.


What kind of pest/parasite prevention does my puppy or kitten need?

There are a variety of pest/parasite preventatives available. Some of these protect against fleas, ticks and certain internal parasites such as heartworm. We can determine which medication or combination of medications will give your puppy or kitten the best protection.


Why do I need to microchip my puppy or kitten?

Puppies and kittens can wander away and get lost — and if their collar tag comes off, no one will know whose pet this is. Microchipping your pet places a permanent ID transmitter under the skin so animal workers can scan and identify your lost friend.


Why is spaying and neutering important for puppy and kitten wellness?

Spaying and neutering should be performed before sexual maturity to ensure that unwanted pregnancies are impossible and prevent the hormonal changes that cause aggression and other troubling misbehaviors. Spaying and neutering also removes your little one’s risk of future reproductive cancers.


What’s the easiest way to make sure my puppy or kitten gets the necessary wellness services?

Clifton Park Veterinary Clinic’s puppy and kitten wellness plan can provide significant savings to owners while ensuring that their pets get all the necessary wellness exams and procedures. This program is available to all puppies and kittens 8 weeks of age or older.


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