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Oct 07 2016

Flea & Tick Treatment

Preventing Fleas and Ticks on Your Pets with Help from our Vet

Our vet would like to help you prevent fleas and ticks on your pets with preventative medications and vigilance so that they can remain happy and healthy. Along with preventative medications, you should make sure your home and yard are free of wild or feral animals. Feral dogs and cats as well as opossums and rodents can carry fleas and ticks into your yard. When your pet enters your yard, the fleas and ticks will jump on your pet, causing an infestation.

The Dangers of Fleas and Ticks in Ballston Lake, Clifton Park and Mechanicville

Fleas and ticks in Ballston Lake, Clifton Park and Mechanicville carry dangerous illnesses, and fleas can cause allergic reactions in dogs and cats. Flea dermatitis is caused by the saliva of fleas. When your pet gets bitten, you may notice excessive scratching, tiny bumps and bald patches. Fleas also carry tapeworm eggs. When your pet eats a flea, he or she may become infested with tapeworms.

Ticks can cause Lyme disease, especially in dogs. If you take your dog out into wooded or areas with a lot of bushes and trees, it may be beneficial to have your dog vaccinated against Lyme disease as well as protected with a flea and tick medication. Ticks can also cause Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever as well as other serious bacterial infections.

Flea and Tick Preventative Medications from our Veterinarian

Our veterinarian, Dr. Kelly Cooper, offers several different types of preventative medications for dogs and cats, and she can help you determine which one would be right for your pets. In general, we offer chew tabs, topical gels, sprays and flea collars. Flea and tick medications generally work from one to three months, depending on the type you choose.

To schedule an appointment to learn more about fleas and ticks and how to prevent them, call us at 518-877-7481.

How do you prevent flea and tick infestations on your pets and in your home?

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